Design Roofing Raises Funds for Our Wish Kids

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How it Started It was at a charity golf tournament in 2017 when Design Roofing’s Vice President Kimberly Wallace caught on to the magic happening at Children’s Wish Foundation. After hearing about a local teen’s wish to Disney World, Wallace stood up and urged the other golfers in attendance to match her on-the-spot $500 donation. […]

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Commercial Roof Maintenance Tips When Reopening for Business

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Many facility managers are getting back on a roof maintenance schedule after having recently been closed or open with skeleton crews.  Even with so much these days being described as “the new normal”, some things haven’t changed a bit. For instance, proactive roof maintenance still offers many benefits.   Top Recommendations for Safe, Proactive Roof Maintenance If you’re looking for ways to extend the watertight life of your commercial roof:  Inspect from the inside-out. First […]

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A Message from Design Roofing on COVID-19

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        Safety has always come first at Design Roofing and we are paying close attention to the current public health situation related to COVID-19. Design Roofing is open and operating for all services: repairs, maintenance and roof replacements. To ensure your tenant’s health and safety, as well as our employee’s and their […]

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“Commercial Roofing: The New Norm” Podcast

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Anthony Vross, co-owner of Simon Roofing, was recently featured in the “Commercial Roofing: The New Norm” podcast as part of the Facility Focus Forum series. Anthony joins host Rob Vaughn to discuss how to save on roofing expenses and how the commercial roofing industry is evolving. He also covers how to identify a roof leak, what to look for in a commercial roof warranty and navigating roof asset management in 2020.

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Design Roofing Donates $10,000 to SHARE Family & Community Services

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      Responding to an Urgent Need Design Roofing donated $10,000 to SHARE Family & Community Services because we wanted to help the community in the most efficient way possible.  Kimberly Wallace, VP at Design Roofing, noticed there were reports on the news about food banks being in urgent need of donations. Since our company […]

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Construction News

Why a Woodland California Homeowner Should Hire a Home Improvement Company

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home improvement in woodland, CA


Home improvement projects are highly gratifying. If done correctly, they can do wonders for your home. As well as beautifying your structure, home renovation projects can increase the worth of your home and make it more practical. Despite this fact, many homeowners fail to derive much from renovation projects. On the other hand, certain homeowners manage to accomplish their renovation desires as needed. How? These folks hire a woodland home improvement contractor for the job. A credible contractor lets you fulfill your construction dreams.

Why hire a woodland home improvement contractor?

Most people in California never pay heed to the expertise of a renovation contractor. They pick up a DIY guide and stick to it properly. Sadly, many of these so-called DIY fanatics finish up with less pleasing construction work. The truth is home remodeling chores are complex matters and need thorough knowledge and expertise of a proficient contractor. Here’s why hiring a home improvement contractor is advisable for construction.

Quality construction

When it comes to construction work, quality is paramount. You can’t count on poor quality work for home renovation projects. If you do that, you’ll regret it sooner or later. As a common man, you may not possess the expertise to undertake construction chores proficiently. You may likely mess up with the construction quality. Perhaps, you chose poor-quality materials.

Maybe, the quality of construction wasn’t up to the industry standards. Any such situation will defy the very purpose of your project. When you outsource the job, you don’t have to worry about these issues. A proficient contractor has links with reliable suppliers of quality raw materials. Not just that, they can build top-quality projects to your utmost satisfaction.

Risk coverage

No matter how handy you’re, mistakes are bound to happen. Minor mistakes are okay, but what about major blunders? You may likely fall down and injure yourself or others during the renovation projects. In that case, you’ll end up draining your bank account on injuries and structural damages. Your desire to be a DIY enthusiast could become one of the most disheartening moments of your life.

The scenario is different when you appoint a home improvement contractor. An experienced contractor comes equipped with the latest tools to carry out the project. Even better, he possesses insurance to cover your losses. In the case of injuries and damages, the insurance coverage of the contractor will reimburse you for losses. That gives immense relief knowing that any unfortunate incident will be taken care of.


Perhaps, the main reason why people stay clear of a reliable home renovation contractor is cost. Many folks think that outsourcing could be a costly affair. However, many reliable California contractors charge a reasonable sum for their expertise. Plus, a quick look at the cost-benefit ratio will let you know that the benefits surpass the costs on all points.

Bottom line

Adding a deck or undertaking minor construction work can be a fantastic way to tweak your home. However, just be sure you rely on a reputable home improvement contractor Woodland, CA for the job. With a reliable contractor, you can redesign or redecorate your home elegantly with minimum hassles.